Washable, rollable, stuffable, packable sun visors

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Now there’s a protective visor that doesn’t itch or feel like a head vise. The Scrunch Visor is incredibly strong, ultra lightweight and provides super soft comfort on the tennis court or for travel.

The greatest thing about the women’s Tennis Scrunch Visor is that the bill is made of a unique resilient material that is packable, yet pops back into its shape. Amazingly scrunchable and lightweight without the cheapo look of foam counterparts.

These women’s visors are soft and mold comfortably to everyone’s head. Compact and super light, they pack easily in small spaces, and they can take any abuse including machine washing. No guessing because one size fits all!



Available in luxurious, white microfiber fabric

Won’t blow off, pinch or bind

Packs anywhere & machine washable

Ultralight, weighs less than 1 oz.

One size fits all

Retail price: $15.95 – TODAY’S SALE PRICE: $11.20

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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 11 × 0.25 × 4 in


9 reviews for Washable, rollable, stuffable, packable sun visors

  1. Angela Norkiewicz

    Love this visor…buying 2 more!

  2. Nancy

    These are the BEST visors ever. I bought my first one years ago at a resort in Florida and love it so much I had to buy more directly from the company. Wish my local pro shop would order them!
    Comfy, adjustable and last a long time.

  3. may

    Nothing else like it out there. Super comfortable and I can wash the makeup from white in the machine washer.

  4. Debbi Hobarth

    This is the ultimate visor for running and sports. Super light and soft. I just thow it in the washer so I don’t have to deal with a “gruge-cap”!

  5. Kay Ranhan

    I love how it stays on in the strongest winds and stuffs in my pocket!

  6. Erica Lanza

    Perfect for boating. It stays on so well. I even water ski with it on and it floats when I fall in the water.

  7. Jodie Muhen

    I didn’t like the look of the cheap foam women’s visor and the regular type of sun visors pinched my head. This visor is comfortable and super lightweight

  8. Roxanne Foster

    I bought these at a beach resort 25 years ago. They last forever. I’m just now needing to reorder. Excellent, high quality sun visor, not like the cheap visors with the the curly cord!

  9. Beverly Olson

    I have purchased these fantastic visors for over 20 years. They are perfect for gardening, bird watching and rock hounding. Comfortable, easily stowed away in a coat pocket, a back pack, purse or on a jean waist loop. After a dirty day in the garden or a hot rock hounding adventure a quick trip through the washer and I am ready to go again. I always buy several visors at a time so there is always a clean one ready for an outing. I ❤ these visors!

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